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having knobs


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ANYONE WHO'S ATTEMPTED TO bake with quince knows the knobby, rock-hard fruit isn't easy on the home cook.
2 WORCESTER, Pearmains, Bramleys, Early Windsors, Knobby Russet and Cox's Orange Pippin are some of the 1,200 varieties of apple grown in Britain.
Good reports," Knobby said, with a wink and a grin, and that was exactly what we wanted to hear.
Imagine a cow-sized, plant-eating reptile with a knobby skull and bony armor down its back," lead author Linda Tsuji said.
When we opened up the ranch's new backup generator, we noticed it came with a really cool set of solid knobby tires.
Bygones beach-- knobby brain coral broken from a dying reef.
To understand why the blush appears, you need to know that most "baby carrots" are not young carrots; they're simply cut from full-size carrots that are too twisted or knobby to be appealing and then made to look mini.
My heart Swings between the ways, from thanksgiving To thanksgiving, a thousand times a day, While its naked feet graze death's knobby head A thousand times a day.
This was disappointing until my son, who owns an ATV store, suggested putting wide knobby tires on the front and tractor tread 1 inch higher on the rear.
Knobby posts appear to have been artfully sculpted with hammer and chisel.
A fluorescein angiograph of the retina showed knobby hyperfluorescence of the retinal arterioles with minimal leakage, as well as some spots of leakage at the level of the retinal pigment epithelium.
95), a knobby little monster who'll swallow your earbuds, wind up your wires, and bring order to your life.
The Extreme X4, a true four-wheel-drive chair, is equipped with special low-pressure knobby tires that allow it to cope with beach conditions.
In a particularly elegant but macabre picture from 1999, a woman lies supine, cuddling a knobby torso-shaped African drum like a lover.