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a small knob

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Some of the passengers will be aware of Knobble before they come on board and they ask what the chances are of seeing him.
Did anyone else know the word knobble existed and what it meant?
I knotted those into a nice woolly knobble and made a dolly for the dog.
This tumbling house whose every broken pane and wind-whipped-off slate, childscrawled wall, rain-stain, mousehole, knobble and ricket, man-booby-and-rat-trap, I know in my sleep,'' wrote Dylan Thomas of the Boathouse, Laugharne, where he lived for the last three and a half years of his life.
This tumbling house whose every broken pane and windwhipped-off slate, child-scrawled wall, rain-stain, mousehole, knobble and ricket, man-boobyand-rat-trap, I know in my sleep,'' Dylan wrote to a friend.
BLACKBURN boss Mark Hughes last night accused Arsene Wenger of dabbling in the "dark arts" by trying to knobble refs.
Earl tried to make amends for attempting to "do a Tonya Harding" (the American figure skater who arranged for a henchman to knobble her rival Nancy Kerrigan) and knee-cap Sebastian, the favourite in the Camden cat contest.
The rivalry hasn't reached the stage of the Tonya Harding incident,' says Jo, referring to the 1994 ice-skating contest when Tonya Harding tried to knobble her main challenger Nancy Kerrigan by having her stabbed.
The company is also delving further back into the past with the relaunch of its 19th Century brands John Ginger's Ginger Nuts and Oat & Honey and Oat & Lemon Knobbles.
There's also a similar range of one-colour glass knobs without the knobbles at pounds 3.
Ian Harrison, Asda's produce technical director, said: "Even if fruit and veg have some knobbles and blemishes this doesn't affect the quality or taste - a carrot is still a carrot.
The knobbles are signs of a diseased vein or veins.
I said: "Every salad sandwich you sell me does have egg, but it's always the two knobbles off the egg ends, no yolk.
5cm (1in) wide knobbles at the top of tall wiry stems.