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  • noun

Synonyms for knob

Synonyms for knob

a part that protrudes or extends outward

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

Synonyms for knob

a circular rounded projection or protuberance


any thickened enlargement

an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger

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In similar fashion, the smaller concentric knob typically selects: (May have multiple answers.
These spherical, large-projection door knobs are made of polished (grade 316) stainless steel (a satin version is available) and have a fantastic 25-year manufacturer's guarantee.
Printing was particularly challenging because the knob is conical and the print area is convex.
The high knob provides four revolutions for targets out to 1,000 yards.
The foreshortened distal most portion of the aortic arch where it joins the descending aorta represents the aortic knob or aortic knuckle and it constitutes the superior most part of the left border of the cardiac silhouette.
This is an opportunity for us to expand, since we have only been in Cassville, and branch out into Shell Knob.
If you're switching from a pull to a knob or you'd prefer to select pulls with a different hole pattern, you can cover the old holes or hide damaged surfaces with back plates.
The scope adjusting turret must be rotated 90-degrees counter clockwise to get the windage knob out of the way, making cartridge ejection possible.
A 6:1 reduction fine focus gear was built into the coarse focusing knob, with a smaller fine focus knob placed just above it.
Serves 6 Ingredients 1 cup ground cashew nuts 3/4 cup of millet flour 1 can coconut milk 1 knob of melted butter Jaggery 10 whole raisins 2 ground cardamom pods 1 vanila pod 10 whole cashews Method In a bowl, put the ground cashew nut and the millet flou r.
The study also identifies a novel synthetic knob that displays a 10-fold higher affinity for fibrinogen holes than current synthetic knobs.
Representatives of Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 and North Carolina agencies have met with area residents near the Ore Knob Mine site in Ore Knob to discuss efforts to clean up the site.
But the gamble provided answers--and a new retention knob design.