knife fight

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fighting with knives

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Although rare, observers see these occasional sword and knife fights as a warning to society to prevent violence that spreading in certain areas.
Cairo Knife Fight - Nick Gaffaney and George Pajon Jr.
And Clarkson, 56, revealed he managed to shoot himself, Hammond got in a knife fight and May broke his arm falling outside a restaurant during filming for the 12-week run.
NNA - Tension reigned over Ain Bzel Street in the Kesserwan locality of Sarba this evening, after Lebanese and Syrian young men have engaged in a knife fight earlier this week, National News Agency correspondent reported on Friday.
The ambassador told KUNA by phone that the Kuwaiti citizen died of wounds he sustained in a knife fight.
The appeal came after a man was badly injured in a knife fight in Fujairah
But he was stabbed in a knife fight before they left town.
E[currency]ANLIURFA/TENSION AFTER KNIFE FIGHT: At least six people were detained after the tension which broke out after a knife fight between Syrians and Turkish citizens in southwestern Turkish province of E[currency]anlyurfa.
Punctuated by thrilling chases and a frenetic knife fight in a restaurant kitchen, Spy is a terrifically entertaining caper, jam-packed with belly laughs and foul-mouthed outbursts.
It is a fun and frothy film that isn't afraid to veer between rude and raucous banter and violent action (watch out for McCarthy's knife fight scene) and some rather heartfelt moments.
Sharjah: Three people were injured in a knife fight in Sharjah on Friday afternoon.
Fifteen chapters are divided into four sections: preparation for insurgency; knife fight in a phone booth; a new Jihad (2004-2011); no longer a wounded lion.
The patient, a railroad worker, had been stabbed in a knife fight at a local bar.
LOS ANGELES -- Frank Mazzola, the real-life tough guy who taught James Dean how to stage an authentic-looking knife fight for the classic 1955 film "Rebel Without a Cause,'' has died at age 79.