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Synonyms for knickknack

Synonyms for knickknack

a small inexpensive mass-produced article


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Keep knickknacks neat and tidy in pretty storage boxes this duck egg blue alarm clock will help you rise and shine
Items from every era between the 1940s and the 1990s will be on offer with accessories, collectables, home-wares, knickknacks, furniture, jewellery and more on offer as well as clothes.
Trust me, your children don't want your knickknacks.
Michelin-star restaurants are not what people want - little knickknacks of food served 12 times.
Contract notice: Benefits of structural design for the new comprehensive school knickknacks with triple sports hall.
Dear Biz I AM thinking of setting up an online business selling gifts and knickknacks.
He acquired her estate: furniture, knickknacks, and stacks of boxes full of photographs, insurance policies, and letters.
Westerners often lump Ming dynasty vases together with decorated knickknacks from Chinatown.
Whether detourning found imagery with collage, shooting straight-faced still lifes in which inexplicable artifacts such as cosmetics, ceramic knickknacks, and tropical fruits are balanced on plinths in supersaturated color environments, or exploring the poetic potential of operator error via multiply exposed, purposefully blurred portraits, Lassry has a precocious talent for conjuring disquiet from completely unexpected material.
But it's not just books that one can pick up here; the shop also sells art-related products such as stationery items, coasters, mugs and other give-aways and knickknacks.
Well, you'd hit the ground hard too if you were tomahawked by a chap with a passion for American Native knickknacks.
Just pick an item from your household, (tools, toys, small appliances, knickknacks, etc.
award (Pants Immodesty Suits Hugh) is whizzing off to the domicile of Hugh Grant's girlfriend, Ms Jemima Khan, after she was caught at her birthday party wearing the classy combination of a black leather frock and no knickknacks.
To get some reassurance, this led people who believed this stuff to go full blast in achieving economic success, thinking that God signifies his favor by giving the best cars and top knickknacks to the elect.
Wurzel's wife, Mickey, 83, a retired waitress who last worked at Du-Par's restaurant in Studio City, has learned to live with her husband's long trips, not to mention his tastes in plant life and collection of hundreds of indigenous knickknacks, keepsakes, and even a ``school'' of stuffed piranhas displayed in her living room -- complete with open jaws exposing razor sharp teeth.