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Synonyms for kneecap

a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint

shoot in the kneecap, often done by terrorist groups as a warning

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He also suffered collateral ligaments and dislocated a kneecap.
Maybe it was the adrenaline, I don't know, but it certainly didn't feel like I'd cracked my kneecap.
Carden discovered the brown bear's kneecap while studying bones that had been packed away in boxes in the 1920s, after the bones' 1903 discovery at Ireland's Alice and Gwendoline Cave.
He explained: "It's kind of hard to explain now but basically my dad was driving a JCB and he hit one of the gates by accident and sent me flying up into the air and I landed on the concrete and broke my kneecap.
The second rower sustained the injury towards the end of the Tigers' 32-18 sixth-round victory over Salford but the club physiotherapist put the kneecap back in place and the player managed to walk off the pitch.
She hit her knee on the concrete as she was thrown to the floor and the impact fractured her kneecap.
Conway said last night he had "lighthearted banter" with the player while he moved him following his operation to repair his kneecap.
He was left with life-changing injuries after both his kneecaps were shattered, while Ms Washington was one of two victims to have a leg amputated.
Typically the greatest forces on the kneecap are at around 45 to 60 degrees of knee flexion.
In patellar luxation, the kneecap dislocates because the groove in which it rests is too shallow, or the muscles at the front of the leg--the quadriceps --pull the patella toward the inside of the knee.
e Chronicle understands that Cisse's damaged kneecap means he is likely to miss the entire pre-season programme.
The kneecap joint consists of the kneecap (patella) and the thigh bone (femur) and medically is called the patellofemoral joint.
Washington, April 20 ( ANI ): Wearing a knee brace offers significant relief to patients suffering from a type of osteoarthritis affecting the kneecap, according to a new study.
Andy ripped the tendons from his left kneecap while hurling 145 kilos above his head.
Lakers center Andrew Bynum is set to begin his offseason workouts next week in the heat and humidity of Atlanta, more than six months after suffering a season-ending left kneecap injury during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies.