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Synonyms for kneecap

a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint

shoot in the kneecap, often done by terrorist groups as a warning

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A TEENAGER who broke a man's kneecap after drinking 15 pints has avoided custody for a second time.
The kneecap (patella) has to be more robust because the knee joint bears the weight of the body - without a patella we would walk with straight, stiff legs - and because the knee bends forward, making it more vulnerable to damage.
It wasn't until we got the scans back the next day that it was realised I'd cracked my kneecap," said the left-back.
Pearson said: "My kneecap was in two pieces and coming away from the bone so I had to get part of it removed.
The Lakers' head athletic trainer showed how Bynum suffered a dislocated kneecap when he landed on teammate Lamar Odom's left foot.
If the knee seems to have lateral subluxation or deviation of the kneecap to the outside, a lateral release is often done to improve normal tracking of the patella.
Because it's easy to force turnout with bent knees, dancers with vulnerable kneecaps need to perform each movement within their natural range of motion to avoid injury.
Her agent Richard Harrison said: "She cracked her kneecap while riding work on Thursday.
Court TV's Crime Stories takes a close look at one of the most disgraceful moments in figure skating history - the 1994 kneecap assault on Nancy Kerrigan.
The 62-year-old from Livingston suffered a broken shoulder and shattered kneecap after being thrown in the air by the dog.
He told Hardy he should kneecap him and when Hardy said he had never used a gun before Sadiq said if he did not carry out the request, he, Hardy, would be kneecapped.
He and driver Mark Mitchell were satisfied with their morning's work after four stages - but that's where it ended after they were forced to pull out when Scrimgour dislocated his kneecap.
The second question refers to Shaun Livingston and his horrific knee injury, in which he dislocated his left knee and kneecap and tore three of four ligaments.
This maltracking of the kneecap is very common, and causes the cartilage around the bone to prematurely wear away.
My knee had become weak; the kneecap slipped out of place doing everyday movements; and my ankle had no mobility.