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Born in 1915 in Cincinnati, Allen saw his first Reds game while still in knee pants.
Indeed a booklet issued to US troops going to Britain told them not to be too cocky since "there are housewives in aprons and youngsters in knee pants who have lived through more high explosives in air raids than many soldiers saw in first-class barrages in the last war".
Arthur Schlesinger was an intellectual giant--liberal champion, prodigious writer, and leading scholar--while I was still figuratively in knee pants.
Excellent food is served by waiters dressed in green knee pants, white socks and embroidered vests, and waitresses in green skirts with embroidered borders and red and white striped blouses.
Five boys in fancy knee pants will add a dash of panache to the party scene in the annual California Dance Theatre Festival Ballet production of ``The Nutcracker'' at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza this weekend.
The photographs Button includes show a sweet, fresh-faced little boy in knee pants growing into a teenager possessed of astonishing confidence, artistic sensitivity, and poise.