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The king wore silk knee breeches, a medal-decked jacket, a maroon-coloured cape trimmed with white ermine fur.
Fickman said he falls somewhere in between purists who hold Shakespeare sacred, down to the Elizabethan knee breeches, and those who favor taking it to the public in any form possible.
Other items included knee breeches for $35 and heavyweight cotton stockings for $6.
The Tory press couldn't stand the idea a sheet-metal worker from Anderston in Glasgow was wearing the knee breeches they regarded as their inheritance.
They had to be wrestled to the floor by Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms Mark Harvey and Commons attendants in the traditional uniform of tailcoat, ceremonial sword, silk stockings and knee breeches.
Doll-like figures, in silken gowns or embroidered knee breeches and buckled slippers, engage in country pleasures and more or less innocent pastimes: swinging beneath leafy boughs: joining hands in blindman's buff; daydreaming under a parasol held by a servant.
Even so, the two gentlemen in fitted coats and knee breeches take care to appreciate it properly before settling themselves at the very edge.
More recently, the world's most liberal and decent democracy has erected a second statue, in a ring of Danish theologians, all in clerical robes and Rembrandt collars, all except Soren, who stands foppishly in a boulevardier's knee breeches and swallowtail coat, cane in hand.
Jean Bethke Elshtain, who took a break from bashing gay marriage to testify last month before Congress against cloning, wrote a piece in The New Republic in 1997 in which she seemed to think cloning an adult cell would produce another adult--a carbon of yourself that could be kept for spare parts, or maybe a small army of Mozart xeroxes, all wearing knee breeches and playing the Marriage of Figaro.
By the time of Austen's maturity, trousers or pantaloons would lose their radical connotations, but knee breeches were still considered de rigueur for formal evening wear.
Sure, Riverdance has come a long way since the eighteenth century, when men wore knee breeches and silver-buckled shoes and women were clad in stiff dresses with their hair bound tightly in ringlets.
They dress up in plumed bunnets and green knee breeches and are in attendance whenever the Queen is on State duty here.
The word also came to describe the knee breeches that characters wore in the original illustrated text of A History of New York.
Beryl, who is involved with the local pantomime, came up with an excellent pair of velvet knee breeches and some fabric for his tabard.
The boy was dressed in a red velvet jacket, pink satin waistcoat with frilly white lace trimmings, and a pair of black knee breeches.