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a brace worn to strengthen the knee

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Brian Moore of dj Orthopedics, manufacturers of the Defiance knee brace and RocketSoc low-profile ankle brace, states his company uses carbon fiber technology to make its knee braces as light as possible yet very strong.
We are truly gratified to have reached this important milestone for our custom Defiance knee brace," said Les Cross.
BOSTON -- Orthofix International (NASDAQ: OFIX) (the Company) announced today that its sports medicine division, BREG, has expanded its successful line of FUSION([R])functional knee braces by introducing the FUSION([R]) Lateral OA Brace, which features an ultra-thin low-profile hinge designed for individuals suffering from lateral compartment osteoarthritis (OA).
Bozeman, who sat out last year with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, worked out and practiced with a knee brace the past two months but really didn't need it.
Straka tried a knee brace, which the Kings hoped would stabilize his torn left MCL and allow him to play, but Straka reported discomfort and instead will have surgery Thursday.
Last year, after I injured my knee, I didn't like to wear a knee brace.
All this for a gymnast who has had six surgeries the past four years and still wears a cumbersome knee brace when he performs the floor exercise and vault.
American Jason Gatson, who also qualified for the all-around, was just happy to be there, knee brace and all.
Each of these athletes used the custom-fit DonJoy Defiance(R) knee brace during their rehabilitation as well as during subsequent competitions.
Erstad has been bothered by a variety of injuries all season, and Saturday night he destroyed his second knee brace in the past couple of weeks when diving for flyballs.
I had just gotten over the last one and stopped wearing a knee brace,'' Smiley said.
The 30-year-old, who had scored seven goals in nine appearances in all competitions this year, is expected to remain in a knee brace for almost another three weeks.
Wearing a knee brace to protect his left knee, which he hurt in Game 6 of the semifinals, Fajardo was inserted into the game with 56.
A KNEE brace offers support and stability for an injured or weak knee.
M2 PHARMA-May 21, 2015-Townsend Launches New Osteoarthritis Knee Brace