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a brace worn to strengthen the knee

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All patients had been previously prescribed by their treating physician the knee brace used in this study for treatment of their osteoarthritis and had worn it daily for a minimum of 4 weeks at the time of testing.
In assembling the joint shown in Figure 2a, for example, the tenon on the upper end of the brace is inserted into its corresponding joist mortise and the tenons on the ends of the resulting knee brace to joist assemblage--one on the end of the joist and the other on the lower end of the knee brace--are then simultaneously inserted into their corresponding mortises in the post.
Furthermore, knee braces are often molded to fit the subjects' legs at 15 to 20 degrees of knee flexion.
In order to test for the possible interaction effect of exercise and knee brace on the joint angle at mid-stance, two-way ANOVA with repeated measures for each dependent variable was run.
With the cost of major knee surgery averaging around $26,000, the cost of a knee brace is minimal in comparison, never mind the loss of time and eligibility by the athlete and the possible drop in performance level a major knee injury can present.
DJO knee braces are used by more than 90 percent of Division 1 college football teams and 61 of the 68 teams in the latest round of college bowls.
With the use of the knee brace, the therapist can now concentrate on the therapy or on the needs of the patient even for severe patient cases, and support and motivate them more.
82 unit greater improvement in WOMAC pain scale scores when they wear a valgus knee brace, instead of a neutral brace, along with specialized footwear.
VQ OrthoCare's orthopedic products include: SurgiStim4, OrthoStim4, FastStart EMS, FastStart HVPC, VQ Vector, Biotens, and the OActive Knee Brace and BioniCare system.
These people do not want to wear an ankle brace or a knee brace because it will hinder their performance.
BOSTON -- Orthofix International (NASDAQ: OFIX) (the Company) announced today that its sports medicine division, Breg, has introduced three new products, including a soft knee brace with an integrated hinge for added stability, a hip pad to be used with its cold therapy devices for post surgery pain management, and a wrist immobilization accessory for its T-Scope Elbow brace.
May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Townsend Design announced the North America release of the Active Reliever, a soft shell single-upright osteoarthritis (OA) knee brace.
Cowan, who tore the posterior cruciate ligament in his knee, wears a knee brace except to sleep.
Mueller's Pro-Style Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace and ATF Ankle Brace fit the bill.
The knee brace doesn't add anything to the look but probably accounts for the trainers.