knee bend

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exercising by repeatedly assuming a crouching position with the knees bent

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Track hurdles are great for developing leg/hip flexibility and strength, knee bend, and as a general warm-up activity.
Marching on the spot, heel digs, arm stretches, shoulder rolls and knee bends will work most of the major muscles.
I work on knee bends, leg stretches, and toe touching.
I use the walker to stabilize my body so I can do calf lifts, calf stretches, and gentle deep knee bends.
The front knee bends to absorb the shock and allow the pitcher to continue toward the target on a linear path.
Or, should I stop weight training and go with push-ups, deep knee bends and sit-ups?
Femoral Component--The metal femoral component, which can be cast, curves around the end of the thighbone and has an interior groove so the kneecap can move up and down smoothly against the bone as the knee bends and straightens.
After several minutes of deep knee bends on the mound, Park (3-3) left for the trainer's room.
Knee bends (not deep knee bends, which can damage your knees), cycling, and playing another sport in the off season can all help, too.
Eventually, the left knee bends like the right knee and I feel like I am really jogging.
The concluding Gopak, the best known of all Russian folk dances, with its deep knee bends, powerful kicks, and high jumps, lacked the fire I remember from the last time I saw the Moiseyev.
Front foot should now be flat on floor with front shin vertical as knee bends towards a right-angle.