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Synonyms for knave

Synonyms for knave

a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a young prince

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Whereas other theater-making games I've discussed offer the player the chance to inhabit one or maybe two theater roles (director, dramatist, actor, designer, audience member), players of Play the Knave embody all of these roles, becoming familiar with every aspect of the theater-making process.
Le Grand used the metaphors of knights, knaves, pawns, and queens to characterise changing attitudes to questions of motivation and behaviour.
However, the biggest blow for in-running backers came from Juvenal, who gave layers of Knave Of Clubs at the maximum brief hope of a reprieve when flying at the death but he failed to reel in the winner, trading at a low of 1.
In particular, I will show that Hume has a genuine response to the sensible knave that establishes the knave's obligation to, among other things, justice.
Alice's adventures end in chapters 11 and 12 with the trial of the Knave of Hearts, who is accused of stealing tarts.
A Knack to Know a Knave is a kind of morality play and/or estates satire.
Her voice rises and perspiration pearls on her top lip as she reads lines from the play where Prospero calls Caliban a savage, a lying slave, a misshapen knave whose body grows uglier with age, "a born devil, on whose nature / Nurture can never stick.
Jack, Knave and Fool is a recent installment of the Sir John Fielding mystery series.
The change of meaning from CHILD to BOY, apart from semantically transparent compounds such as cnihtcild, hysecild, woepnecild, knave-child, knape-child, knight-bairn as well as man-child, is also visible in the history of nipper, bairn and girl that originally referred to children of both sexes and later started to be used as synonyms for boy, for example, girl appears in phrases such as knave girl 'a boy' and gal girl 'a girl'.
Should a governor prove to be a liar, knave, felon or worse, there is always impeachment.
Two specials are due on sale on January 23 -- Knave Gusset priced 3.
There surely can be no doubt of this interrelationship, but there can also be no doubt that trusting no one is a knave is as foolish as believing all are.
3) Government requires authority to provide benefits to citizens; but the misuse of power by a knave harms the citizen.
For Shearer turned up in a Knave of Hearts outfit to challenge the "Bishop" to a game of pool.
King, Queen, Knave Novel by VLADIMIR NABOKOV, first published in Russian in 1928 as Korol, dama, valet.