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someone who buys old buildings or ships and breaks them up to recover the materials in them

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someone who buys up old horses for slaughter

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USA], Jan 13 ( ANI ): Turns out, cycling doesn't knacker your knackers.
Irish vagrant Knacker (Marty Maguire) possesses an enviable air of superiority in his place of residence--a squalid one room apartment in a lousy section of post-troubles Belfast.
As you can see she has a real love for Knacker Sausages.
The NGRC says it would be better not to feed knacker meat, but the general consensus was trainers just can't afford not to," he stated.
In the short term the company will continue with traditional knacker van collections.
He expressed surprise at the exemption, which he claimed was an attempt to keep the knacker meat industry alive, and that the use of knacker meat continued to have real potential to cause injury or death to greyhounds.
The Club had asked that greyhounds only be exercised within the boundaries of licensed premises, the use of knacker meat was advised against, and disinfected entry and exit points for vehicles carrying greyhounds to and from tracks was advised.
Linda Mullins, on behalf of the kennel, said last night: "The stewards seem to have decided to take a very strong line on knacker meat; I guess we'll be feeding the dogs bread and water next.
A site called Setting Aside Monday Afternoons To Hunt Knackers had more than 8,392 members, while Promote The Use Of Knacker Babies For Bait had 664 members when it was shut .
The NGRC directs trainers not to feed greyhounds knacker meat 24 hours before a race, and the stewards would prefer 48 hours.
EXCELLENT letter from knacker meat man Alan Waller of Holts in Wednesday's paper.
I WOULD like to take this opportunity to pass on some observations and advice with regard to the recent problems trainers are experiencing with the use of knacker meat as feed for greyhounds.
Mrs Ann Elliott disagrees with the NGRC's proposal to ban knacker meat