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someone who buys old buildings or ships and breaks them up to recover the materials in them

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someone who buys up old horses for slaughter

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One site that remains in existence is I F***ing Hate Knackers with over 300 members.
The NGRC is considering whether to ban knacker meat entirely, although the proposal has led to criticism from trainers who believe it can be safely used.
It is our opinion, as many of our customers agree, that the use of knacker meat as feed for greyhounds is highly beneficial and safe providing the proper precautions are used, and it would be difficult and expensive to replace it.
WITH reference to the recent article (March 24) about the NGRC debating a ban on knacker meat.
THE Stewards of the National Greyhound Racing Club are considering a ban on the use of all knacker meat following confirmation that the death of 12 greyhounds under the care of Perry Barr trainer Francis O'Hare was due to a cocktail of local anaesthetics and barbiturates normally used as a humane killer for horses.
Haynes said: "The whole issue of feeding knacker meat and the risks of dogs producing positive samples from it was explained to us in great detail.
The drug is commonly used for treating horses with colic, which clearly points to knacker meat as the source of contamination.
The NGRC says it would be better not to feed knacker meat, but the general consensus was trainers just can't afford not to," he stated.
The 600-litre 'Dolav' boxes, either metal or heavy duty plastic, are already used in the knacker industry.
He has a retainer from the NGRC to advise on nutrition, the Club having become increasingly concerned about the number of positives emanating via knacker meat-and the occasional poisoning tragedy.
Of course now, as you know, every knacker now drives a Mercedes.
Let's send Cuthbert to the knackers [sic] yard where he belongs.
The seven commandments are slowly altered and even though the animals win the Battle of the Windmill, the pigs take over and old Boxer is shipped off to the knackers.