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a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

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Klutz also points to significant advances in the area of theory and method and understanding the crucial role that ideological interests play in the formation of definitions and categories of analysis (1).
Now, joining their ranks, is Zoe Kazan as a sparky and beguilingly kooky klutz who, surprise surprise, exists to lift Daniel Radcliffe's disgruntled male from the doldrums.
Now joining their ranks is Zoe Kazan as a sparky, effervescent and beguilingly kooky klutz who, surprise, surprise, exists merely to lift Daniel Radcliffe's disgruntled male from the doldrums.
I am president and treasurer, office boy and cleaner of the Klutz Klub.
Putting all this together I have surmised that those of us with the klutz factor (let's call it K Factor) have somehow acquired too many neutrinos and, quite possibly, tachyons too, and are therefore going around ever-so-slightly ahead of ourselves.
Presentations allow others to size you up, and if you end up looking like a klutz in the process, you'll definitely do more harm than good.
He is increasingly getting a reputation for being a foreign policy klutz, with two right feet, both of them firmly planted in his mouth," Bryant said.
Children's publishing, education and media company Scholastic (NASDAQ:SCHL) reported on Thursday the appointment of Matt Brown as SVP of Scholastic Inc and president of its Klutz division, a publisher of "books plus" for children.
Also from Klutz is The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2.
Hollander is a loveable klutz, getting one of the biggest laughs when his politician casually remarks he dare not watch an adult movie on the hotel television system in case he has to declare it.
Klutz and Princess collaborated to develop custom-built kits designed to engage young cruisers in fun and creative activities fleetwide.
Imagine James Brooks' weepie ``Terms of Endearment'' as a romantic comedy where the interfering mom character has morphed into a sex-starved klutz who frequently ends up with a faceful of elaborately prepared cake.
And, in spite of feeling like a klutz, she has a group of devoted friends because she is, above all, a charitable soul.
Klutz introduces the work with a view to integrating the interpretative potential of both tradition-historical methods such as source and redaction criticism, and post-structural approaches such as deconstruction and psychoanalytic.
Klutz, "The Archer and the Cross: Chorographic Astrology and Literary Design in the Testament of Solomon.