klieg light

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carbon arc lamp that emits an intense light used in producing films

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Emerging into sunlight at 5:22 UT, the giant reflector directed a 4-kilometer-wide klieg light downward as the spacecraft cruised northeastward above still-dark Europe.
Midnight lake birds fly soap white in the city's freeway billboard klieg light showers.
Liberace wore more makeup than Joan Collins under a klieg light and no one batted an eyelash.
Instead of throwing a klieg light on the tame vapidity of a VB performance by comparing it to the work of Carolee Schneemann or Hannah Wilke, Dave Hickey, who wrote Beecroft's monograph last year, argues that her importance resides in how her "tableaux deploy the rhetoric of painting in the space of live performance.
All of these awards have shone a Klieg light onto Wit, and the spillover could easily have made Edson's personal life too bright to be quietly lived.
Armed with a klieg light smile, he's a domesticated kind of guy with a familiar range of topics.
With backlighting from the klieg light serving as emphasis, he'll mutter something inaudible into his mask and then sigh.
In the current crisis, the Pew Foundation has raised the alarm just in time and directed a giant klieg light at one of the greatest policy disasters of our generation, the trashing of American culture.
On a visit late last year, the bright Thai sun was like a giant klieg light illuminating a scene of remarkable recovery.
Present reality is the klieg light that makes As Is come to life.
But the collusion decision has everyone frozen like deer caught in a klieg light.
For one tourist in the group, a 50-ish man from Huntington Beach, a klieg light of recognition had gone on.
If you're a writer, an artist, or a filmmaker - which I barely am - Orson Welles is one of those people standing at the top of a tower with a klieg light shining on him.
There's still the Hollywood klieg light unveiling for the comedy facing him on Tuesday, at which he's expecting an underwhelming reaction to the work.
This will never be a network of reruns, except for this kind of rare exception where we can use it to shine a klieg light on our original programs," Schlieff said.