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a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0

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Finally, Klick and Helland write, "While their presentation [pertaining to use of the one-serving-per-day unit] is not wrong, it is certainly a more provocative way to frame the results--something that would be expected from activists, but not from scholarly researchers.
Klick has sites at Kirkgate and High Street, Huddersfield.
The purchase consideration amounts to 14m B shares of Klick Data, which represents 85.
For Derby Day 2005, the Smith Center for Therapeutic Riding's executive director Donna Blem and event chair Julie Klick welcomed horse-loving guests to Michael's On East, including Rider of the Year Santiago Valencia.
Nancy Sylvester, IHM and Mary Jo Klick editors Sor Juana Press, San Antonio, TX
Klick, 42, an advocate for sexual minority mental-health patients, of complications from colitis, at his home in New Hope, Pa,.
The best high street processor for the one-hour service was Kodak Express which scored 79 out of 100, while the one-day service from chain Klick was rated even higher with a score of 81.
My experience has been that we can do most of that [sequence storage] in the PLC because its job is to handle all this information," Klick says.
Klick has also taken on the lighting category, which was previously grouped with window coverings and other "soft" categories.
Klick, III senior vice president, Equitable Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.
Nasdaq: ACOR) and partner Klick Health today announced that Acorda's intranet site has been named as one of the ten best in the world by the Nielsen Norman Group, leading experts in web usability, which annually recognizes the global top 10 intranet sites for innovation and usability.
When asked why the dispensaries have not received final approval from the state, Klick said she hadn't heard about that.
After dusting down the album in her shop, which was formerly owned by Klick photography, Carla noticed more than 100 pictures of the bride and groom on their special day in Gretna Green.
The three shops are part of the Max Spielman and Klick chains which had run into problems.
A total of 817 staff were cut with the collapse of the Klick and Max Spielmann photo processing chains.