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Synonyms for kiwi

a native or inhabitant of New Zealand

fuzzy brown egg-shaped fruit with slightly tart green flesh

nocturnal flightless bird of New Zealand having a long neck and stout legs

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html) reportedly admitted that he had not been "hit straight on with a kiwi yet.
He said that NTHRI has developed a nursery of the kiwi plants and provided technical assistance to the local farmers for the fruit production to enhance fruit production in these areas.
Enrich your breakfast by adding freshly cut slices of kiwi to yoghurt or to your cereal.
NZB: When did you first have the vision for Electric Kiwi with your two other founding directors?
In 1960, they were renamed |Chinese Gooseberries and two years later its name was changed once more to Kiwi fruit, The name was to honour of |the native bird of New Zealand, the kiwi, whose brown fuzzy coat resembled the skin of this fruit The fruit has more vitamin C |than the equivalent amount of orange.
Palo Alto-based Kiwi will use the fresh funds to develop its next generation of cross-platform, AAA mobile games and further improve distribution and monetisation practices affecting the mobile ecosystem, the company said.
Madagascar's elephant birds--which weighed as much as four people and went extinct several hundred years ago--turn out to be the closest known relatives of New Zealand's chicken-sized kiwi birds (a skeleton shown).
Aspergillosis, a disease caused by infection with Aspergillus species, is a common cause of death in birds globally and is an irregular cause of mortality of captive kiwi {Apteryx species).
TEHRAN (FNA)- The findings of a new research showed that Australia is not the origin of the iconic flightless bird kiwi.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 6, 2014-Kiwi Wearable launches Kiwi Move website
The Standing Committee on Plant Health (SCPH), which is made up of representatives from the European Commission and the member states, took a decision, on 30 October, to introduce emergency measures to tackle a harmful bacterium that is not native to Europe and that attacks kiwi plant species causing high losses to kiwi fruit production in some southern European countries (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain).
Italy stands first by annual production of 500,000 tons kiwi and New Zealand ranks second and the third stance goes to Chile.
BAHRAIN will get a taste of Bohemian Bourgeois (BoBo) with Djette Kiwi at the DAje Vu Lounge, Adliya, tomorrow night.
Opened in November 2011, the Kiwi logo is proudly displayed on the pub windows.
The Pineberry, a bizarre mix of pineapple and strawberry, and the Kiwi Berry, which as its name suggests is a cross between a kiwi and a berry, have both proved extremely popular with products flying off the shelves faster than they can be replaced.