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slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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in the Morse Landing Building, kitty-corner to the Farmers Market.
Meanwhile, the new open-air Marketplace at Palmdale, kitty-corner from the Antelope Valley Mall, continues to draw new tenants, including Lowe's Home Improvement, which recently signed on to build a 163,000-square-foot store there.
The parking on the street is critical because it serves all of these businesses, not only on this side of the street and that side of the street, but kitty-corner over there," he said, motioning to the corner of 13th Avenue and Oak Street.
There were no Salvadorans,'' said Leon who grew up on Delano Street, kitty-corner from her husband's childhood home on Calvert Street.
56 acres at the intersection of Highland Drive and the Murray/Holladay Road in the southeast area of Salt Lake valley, which is also located kitty-corner across the intersection from Cottonwood Mall which is owned by the Company.
Another mural is installed on the Cascade Foothills Library, kitty-corner from the newly revitalized Dexter Lake Club, with views of Dexter Lake to the northeast opposite a mountain with a bald, clear-cut spot.
Broadway, the building kitty-corner from Broadway Commerce Center.
Rick Sorric and the Brent Anderson family, for example, invested $888,000 two years ago on a two-story 7,700-square foot medical office building that's kitty-corner from Capella market on Willamette Street in south Eugene.
But he said Friday that all parking for the new version of the hotel will be by valet service to a secure off-site lot - probably a county-owned parking lot kitty-corner across Sixth Avenue to the southwest.
DSW will operate its new outlet kitty-corner across Oakway Road from Burch's Fine Footwear, one of Eugene-Springfield's largest and oldest shoe stores.
And DSW, an Ohio-based shoe store chain, plans to open a 16,061-square-foot store this summer at the former site of Reed & Cross flowers and gifts - kitty-corner across Oakway Road from Burch's.
His first job was "pulling beer at The Tiny Tavern," a landmark in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood, and he got into "working with hard liquor" eight years ago at the Vet's Club on Willamette Street, just kitty-corner from Bel Ami, where he's been since January.
And Office Depot, whose first local store is at 2859 Chad Drive in Eugene, has since added its second on property kitty-corner across the street from the original Staples store on West 11th Avenue.
The dealership has bought the former Saturn car lot and office, kitty-corner across Martin Luther King, Jr.
It will operate kitty-corner across Oakway Road from Burch's Fine Footwear, one of Eugene-Springfield's largest shoe stores.