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Synonyms for kittenish

Synonyms for kittenish

playful like a lively kitten


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After once nearly getting her tail ripped off in an attack, Pumpkin remained close to home and kittenish, described by all who met her as "a character".
How long had it been since I'd gone out for the evening untrammeled by a diaper bag, a baggie of cereal or pretzels, or, what might be worse, a sexually deprived husband who expected the house cat to turn kittenish for a couple of hours on demand.
On Monday nights, kittenish crooner Lavay Smith performs with a trio including jazz veteran Allen Smith on trumpet.
Rebecca Taylor's sexy, kittenish designs have inspired legions of loyal customers to indulge their feminine wiles.
It was quite a kittenish pose; she looked so young and coy one was compelled to imagine that her toes were pointed inward, like Minnie Mouse.
Lisa Saffer sang a solid, kittenish Poppea, and Kristine Jepson an appropriately callow Nerone (a spoiled boy not yet a monster).
Desiree by comparison is naturally kittenish and playful, a Botticelli Birth of Venus, personified.
I guess the first signs of ageing were less kittenish behaviour and much more napping.
CATTY; Iryna (right) in kittenish mood with her gay girlfriend Lana; SULTRY; Iryna shows the style that Allan found so alluring; HAPPY; Allan slices the wedding cake after forgiving Iryna; SO IN LOVE: Pregnant Iryna with Allan; Picture: ALISTAIR DEVINE
GAYEST MOMENT: His sweaty, post-hetero-coital scene with Matthew Davis in Tigerland, WHAT'S SO HOT: Dark Irish good looks and those kittenish eyes.
Black-and-white stills of a kittenish Sophia Loren balance slice-of-life images of rambunctious 1940s-era school boys and old ladies with line-drawn faces shopping in an open-air market in Palermo.
Leonora had become more kittenish than she was in Boston.
Greenhill employee Andrew Nealon agreed that it can be tough to find homes for the gray-whiskered old-timers who have lost some of their kittenish charm.
com blog on everything from steel tariffs to the kittenish musings of Maureen Dowd.
She's begun telling newspapers about her dates with men in their 30s, bragging about her sexual appetite and posing for pictures that might be described as kittenish if the words mutton and lamb didn't come to mind.