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Why, then, did not Thomas Kitchener give Sally Preston flowers?
A more critical man than Thomas Kitchener might have said that, to all appearances, the thing rather bored Sally.
Ted Pringle was a big young man, bigger even than Tom Kitchener, and, like Tom, he was of silent habit.
Straight and slender and tall, with a look of sorrowful reproach on his handsome, melancholy face, General Kitchener fixed his wonderful eyes on her out of his gilt photograph frame on the dresser.
She offered General Kitchener some jam on a cracker; but he only looked at her as the sphinx would have looked at a butterfly--if there are butterflies in the desert.
It was not a good sign for Dulcie to be rude to General Kitchener.
The rest of it comes later--sometime when Piggy asks Dulcie again to dine with him, and she is feeling lonelier than usual, and General Kitchener happens to be looking the other way; and then--
What we need are some latter-day Kitcheners to heed the call 'Your Racing Needs You'.
Local publican Michael Finucane said : "The Kitcheners did nothing for this community and are best forgotten.