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Synonyms for kit

Synonyms for kit

a case for containing a set of articles

gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose

young of any of various fur-bearing animals

Related Words

supply with a set of articles or tools

References in classic literature ?
Prince Turveydrop then tinkled the strings of his kit with his fingers, and the young ladies stood up to dance.
Prince Turveydrop sometimes played the kit, dancing; sometimes played the piano, standing; sometimes hummed the tune with what little breath he could spare, while he set a pupil right; always conscientiously moved with the least proficient through every step and every part of the figure; and never rested for an instant.
I felt a liking for him and a compassion for him as he put his little kit in his pocket--and with it his desire to stay a little while with Caddy--and went away good-humouredly to his cold mutton and his school at Kensington, that made me scarcely less irate with his father than the censorious old lady.
Well, I'm going to swim into the provinces, have a shave on the way, buy a new kit piecemeal, including a cricket-bag (which I really want), and come limping back to the Albany with the same old strain in my bowling leg.
Having thus disposed of our superfluous gear we arranged the kit we five--Sir Henry, Good, myself, Umbopa, and the Hottentot Ventvogel-- were to take with us on our journey.
But I found my mistake, when I heard the sound of a kit playing a minuet over our heads.
The kit was a small violin to the sound of which the Frenchmen had danced to amuse themselves while they were deaf or dumb.
He took his coat by the two skirts in front, and raised them, as if it were a question of once more packing up the knapsack in which his kit, his shoes, and all he had in the world used to be stowed; for a moment he stood leaning all his weight on his left foot, then he swung the right foot forward, and yielded with a good grace to the wishes of his audience.
She dressed completely in her land kit, and made her way quietly through Mademoiselle Cynthia's room into that of Mrs.
However, finding both father and son against her on this point, she gave in, like a wise woman, and proceeded to prepare Tom's kit for his launch into a public school.
He was a scout, like Kit Carson, and he knew him well.
We had scarcely begun our repast when there was a knock at the door by which I had entered, and Nell bursting into a hearty laugh, which I was rejoiced to hear, for it was childlike and full of hilarity, said it was no doubt dear old Kit coming back at last.
Why, then, it was a goodish stretch, master,' returned Kit.
It was a great point too that Kit himself was flattered by the sensation he created, and after several efforts to preserve his gravity, burst into a loud roar, and so stood with his mouth wide open and his eyes nearly shut, laughing violently.
Mary Hendrikhovna obliged them with the loan of a petticoat to be used as a curtain, and behind that screen Rostov and Ilyin, helped by Lavrushka who had brought their kits, changed their wet things for dry ones.