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The North American Kissing Bugs are being used to take blood samples from the animals so staff do not have to poke them with needles and syringes.
These single-celled protozoa get shuttled among people and animals by several species of insects called kissing bugs or assassin bugs.
In South America, the kissing bug is responsible for transmitting Chagas' disease, a parasitic infection that causes heart-muscle damage and sometimes death.
While cases have been rare in the United States, a new study published in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Emerging Infectious Diseases journal found that nearly 40 percent of kissing bugs collected in California and Arizona have recently fed on human blood.
Allison adds that the kissing bug is on the move in Latin America, infesting areas of Peru that hadn't previously been afflicted.
Kissing bugs in the United States: risk for vector-borne disease in humans.
The organism is spread by kissing bugs, named for their preference to feed on the faces of their human hosts.
Meanwhile, blood banks are discovering more cases among people without ties to Latin America, and species of kissing bugs native to the southern United States are increasingly recognized as a non-negligible source of Chagas transmission.