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Synonyms for kinsman



Synonyms for kinsman

a person connected to another person by blood or marriage

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a male relative

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The ultimately controversial practice of pairing male and female monasteries had its origins in the very real concern that male monastic founders like Pachomius and Caesarius had in ensuring the spiritual welfare of their kinswomen.
Miranda follows this path by modeling her kinswomen who acquiesce in the prescribed role and the women who unsuccessfully attempt to escape it.
The women spend most time in their section, doing household chores, meeting friends, neighbours, mostly kinswomen.
July 11-15: Women in Scripture: Kinswomen, Friends & Adversaries.
Moreover, she is held in both contempt and admiration by her kinswomen, who honor her light skin and yet scorn her for not living up to the sociopolitical potential it embodies.
And for your honor and love, and not for my service (for only common service, or less, is appropriate for me), and because I have tender compassion for you who have for so long been without father and mother, or any nearby kinswomen, or anyone else from whom you could seek advice concerning your private needs, except myself, for whom you have been removed from your family and birthplace, I have often and repeatedly wondered if I could myself find an easy and general introduction which could guide you in your care [OF= peine] and work, so that you could teach yourself, without burdening myself with the task described above.
Like many other professional women of elite families of the period such "successful life" mainly relied upon other dependent women's labour, from both kinswomen and domestic laborers.
12] Dealing astutely with finances was not an unaccustomed or declasse activity among her kinswomen.
What happened at the Red Sea was this: a tyrannical, incestuous senior male, who recognizes no distinctions between wives and kinswomen and who (at least through his double, the former pharaoh) persecutes junior males with real or threatened infanticide, is put to death (or an utter defeat more painful even than death itself) by the junior males.