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a person connected to another person by blood or marriage

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Then a kind kinswoman wrapped me in clothes, kept me
Habington celebrates women's chastity; particularly, with a boastfulness not quite seemly, the chastity of his future wife, a distant kinswoman of George Herbert called Lucy Herbert, whom Habington celebrates under the name of Castara.
She appeals indirectly to the queen not in her role as sovereign "but as my most honoured, loved and trusted kinswoman," blurring the distinctions between family and power relationships (160).
Their loneliness is to be remedied by import of a female kinswoman old enough to help out properly.
All the rest and remainder of all my personall estate whatsoever, my iust debts by mee oweing and my legacies in this my will giuen and bequeathed, being first paid and discharged, I fully and wholly giue and bequeath the same vnto my neece and kinswoman Frances Edmonds, wife of George Edmondes, with my will and desires that they shalbee and remaine vnto her owne sole vse, benefitt and behoofe soe longe as she liveth.
The Guise base in Normandy is of interest not only in relation to its geographical and historical proximity to the British Isles, and hence its service to the Guise promotion of their kinswoman, Mary Stuart, but also because Normandy was an important center of Protestantism.
In fact, just prior to this text is the story in which Mary finds out about Elizabeth's pregnancy, and it is to rejoice with her kinswoman that she goes on this journey.
God has been faithful to my dear kinswoman after so many painful years," she thought, still clinging to Elizabeth's hand.
Auroran sormus" (Aurora's Ring) is a monologue in which an elderly woman gives her lover's ring to a young kinswoman as an emblem of what is vital rather than what is conventional.
72) Mary Hopkins, a Birmingham widow with an inventory of [pounds]220, bequeathed on one kinswoman three fine worked covers for chairs, and to another a pair of flax sheets, one holland pillow and one large table cloth with seven napkins.
He had killed someone to avenge the murder of a kinswoman, and he was preparing to pay homicide compensation for that death.
Out of that more complete yes, provoked by the very human encounter with her kinswoman Elizabeth, Mary was able to sing: "My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior" (Luke 1:46).
His kinswoman, the daughter of his half-sister, kept house for a painter who preferred his familiar environment, his familiar accessories and his familiar models, and used them again and again.