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arboreal fruit-eating mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tail

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The product is named after the kinkajou, a small mammal native to the rainforests of South America, that is around the size of a cat but has four oversized teeth.
JX648546) was isolated from a kinkajou (Potus flavus) in Madre de Dios in the Amazon rainforest in southern Peru.
Kinkajous are normally seen in the rainforests but Paris brought hers to Beverly Hills.
I had to do a piece to camera and interview a keeper about a raccoon-type animal called a kinkajou at London Zoo.
Baby Luv the kinkajou didn't live up to its name as it sank its teeth into Paris's arm during a late-night play session.
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show will have a South American theme and feature parrots, reptiles, a monkey and a kinkajou, a cousin of the raccoon.
That's the sound you would hear if you snuck up on a kinkajou (KINK-UH-joo).
They can visit the tiger, giraffe, or elephant bedrooms, look into the nursery-or with a guide, have a close encounter with a binturong, owl, or kinkajou.
But, animals like the kinkajou, is clearly not aware of this.
The 25 year-old blonde, whose pet kinkajou is named Baby Luv, had to be treated in A&E for the wound.
She coped brilliantly with the challenge of demonstrating a temperamental remote-controlled car, handling a kinkajou from London Zoo and making a Christmas card, but it was her total assurance on the trampoline that really impressed us.
Design that Matters (DtM) worked with Mali-based volunteer organization World Education to develop the Kinkajou projector, which helps adults and children in impoverished regions around the world have a chance at better lives by learning how to read everything from medicine labels to voting ballots.
We report zoonotic transmission of blastomycosis by a bite from a pet kinkajou.
She also had to operate a remote-controlled car, handle a kinkajou from London Zoo and make a Christmas card.