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the dignity or rank or position of a king

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His kingship was very new and he was jealous of it.
The old king had seen other young apes come thus in his day filled with a sudden resolution to wrest the kingship from their chief.
He hated to give up the kingship, though, so again he struggled to free himself; but a sudden torturing pressure upon his vertebra brought an agonized "ka-goda
And so Tarzan of the Apes came into a real kingship among men--slowly but surely was he following the evolution of his ancestors, for had he not started at the very bottom?
Van Horn had paid the money where it was due; Nau-hau, by virtue of kingship, had robbed Sati's father of Sati's labour before Van Horn's eyes.
They grew excited, and it looked like trouble for a while; but Big Alec asserted his kingship and quelled them.
1) They relate that the creature was sent by the gods to punish the descendants of Cadmus, and that the Thebans therefore excluded those of the house of Cadmus from kingship.
Folks came and worshipped the baby, as people have bowed before the kingship of the new-born since long before the Wise Men of the East knelt in homage to the Royal Babe of the Bethlehem manger.
A week before he had contended for the kingship of a tribe far distant, and now battered, and still sore, he roamed the wilderness an outcast.
The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam.
The interpretive effect of this bracketing is to link the source of Israel's blessing, both to instruction in and meditation upon the Torah (Psalm 1), as well as to the LORD's gift of kingship to Israel (Psalm 2).
evaluates a series of texts against a series of related texts, including Psalms on Yahweh's kingship, comparative texts on Deuteronomy and Isaiah and also Ezekail and Jeremiah, and various works at the crossroads of prophetic traditions.
Organized on the principle of the African Kingship, on November 15th, 1985 in Ghana, the Asantehene (King of Asante) Otumfou Opoku Ware II (supported by Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong, Omanhene (Paramount King) of Agogo Traditional Area) presented the "epoh" Stool to Shekhem Ur Shekhem, Ra Un Nefer Amen I, officially recognizing the Society's Kingship in Ghana.
The play depicts Prince Hal's evolving political and psychological journey to kingship as his father lies dying and old friends get stunningly discarded.