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the dignity or rank or position of a king

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His kingship was very new and he was jealous of it.
He hated to give up the kingship, though, so again he struggled to free himself; but a sudden torturing pressure upon his vertebra brought an agonized "ka-goda
And so Tarzan of the Apes came into a real kingship among men--slowly but surely was he following the evolution of his ancestors, for had he not started at the very bottom?
The old king had seen other young apes come thus in his day filled with a sudden resolution to wrest the kingship from their chief.
Dian is the daughter of kings, though her father is no longer king since the sadok tossed him and Jubal the Ugly One wrested his kingship from him.
Van Horn had paid the money where it was due; Nau-hau, by virtue of kingship, had robbed Sati's father of Sati's labour before Van Horn's eyes.
It is in accordance with this principle that Aristotle holds that kingship is the proper form of government when there is in the state one man of transcendent virtue.
They grew excited, and it looked like trouble for a while; but Big Alec asserted his kingship and quelled them.
Hybel looks at the changing nature of Danish kingship from the Frankish chronicles' earliest known reference to the political structure and kings of the Danes (also known as the Northmen), to when a fully-fledged medieval Danish kingdom was unambiguously a reality.
argues that both kingship and kinship, when rightly understood, significantly inform our understanding of the role of humans in relation to creation.
However, a Christian must never forget that Jesus' idea of kingship is different from how the world understands it.
The bills seeks to amend the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act, 2003, so as to make provision for extended timeframes within which kingship of queenship councils and traditional councils must be established.
The aim of the project has been to elucidate the relationship between Norwegian kingship and the Crown's 'tributary lands' in the west and the ways in which kingship influenced socio-political developments at the margins of the realm.
The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam.
The interpretive effect of this bracketing is to link the source of Israel's blessing, both to instruction in and meditation upon the Torah (Psalm 1), as well as to the LORD's gift of kingship to Israel (Psalm 2).