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Synonyms for kingpin

the most important person in a group or undertaking

bolt that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle

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the front bowling pin in the triangular arrangement of ten pins


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The kingpins then vet each participant, negotiate how much the clinic and each "victim" will be paid, and outline how, when and where the "accident" will be staged.
The Treasury Department said the September action marked the second by the US government on the gang in four months, since "in May 2013, the president identified Los Cachiros as a significant foreign narcotics trafficking group pursuant to the Kingpin Act.
We're thrilled to showcase our analysis of key themes at this season's Kingpins.
But he was not the top kingpin of Zetas -- that post now belongs to Miguel Trevino Morales, who recently seized control of the cartel in a power struggle.
7 million by the Mexican government for allowing "drug kingpins and rogue nations" to launder billions of dollars in cash through its books.
Treasury Department named five Lebanese citizens as drug kingpins and terrorists Wednesday for allegedly working as part of a South American money laundering and drug trafficking network with links to Hezbollah, claiming one of the individuals operated a Hezbollah cell in Colombia.
It would also relieve first-time drug offenders from mandatory sentencing provisions in current state law and would create a drug kingpin offense to target organized drug traffickers and also require prison time for those caught selling drugs to children.
This action is part of Treasury's ongoing efforts to use the Kingpin Act to
The Roscommon kingpins beat Corofin in last year's provincial decider but they face a massive test against a Killererin side which captured their third Galway title in eight years two weeks ago.
Slevin's relationship to the underworld kingpins isn't exactly hard to guess, which prompts the filmmakers to make the movie's final twist so ridiculous that you couldn't imagine it even if you've committed "The Usual Suspects" to memory, as I guess McGuigan and Smilovic have.
After reading about the dealers and neigh borhood kingpins who teach 50 about "flawed business" models and increasing one's "revenue base," the reader can't help but think about the wasted mathematical brilfiance of these individuals, as well as 50 himself.
Il Dottore: The Double Life Of A Mafia Doctor by author and biographyer Ron Felber is the startlingly true story of a physician at Mount Sinai Hospital who provided health care services for Mafia kingpins including John Gotti and Joseph Bonanno.
June 2003 marked the 30th anniversary of the drug laws, which were ostensibly created to eradicate the sale of illicit narcotics and imprison drug kingpins.
It usually sticks out as much as AZ Slab, but with the added hazard of mortar gaps between each brick that your kingpins get stuck in perfectly.
The litmus test is going to be whether they catch and prosecute the major kingpins in Mexico.