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English statesman

an important person who can bring leaders to power through the exercise of political influence

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There arose a powerful head of the kingmakers, through deft hands and carefully attained integrity status, Gaa who became powerful enough to be deemed dependable to make choices on behalf of the rest.
The nominee for a stool is handed over to a college of kingmakers who scrutinize and vet the person to ensure that the qualities and pedigree befitting the status of a Chief are present.
2014 is going to feature plenty of important politicking and vote- winning from satraps -- including a man named Kejriwal -- but every one of them will have to remember: it doesn't take much for a kingmaker to become the spurned suitor.
Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said: "Changing the electoral system to one where 30 AMs were elected in first-past-the-post constituencies and 30 from regional lists could lead to a situation where Plaid Cymru were the permanent kingmakers.
This suggests that Kingmakers will achieve its greatest value only when read in conjunction with other studies that fill in the missing perspectives of the colonized.
In his keynote speech at the close of the three-day gathering, Mr Clegg said:"I am not the kingmaker.
Secondly, there are no deals, undertakings arrangements, undertakings between ourselves and any other party - until the voters, the real kingmakers, have had their say.
The three kingmakers - Don Givens, Don Howe and Ray Houghton - are set to make their recommendations to the FAI on Tuesday week.
His final line sums it up: "If decision-makers at newspapers quit trying to be kingmakers, they and their readers would benefit.
Time was when political kingmakers enriched themselves with post-election influence-peddling or sweetheart government contracts.
11 ran a dual interview with Reed and George Stephanopoulos, former adviser to President Bill Clinton, dubbing the duo "A Couple of Kingmakers Talking Shop.
In his deposition, Akintola averred that in line with Ifon-Osun's tradition, the Olumoyero Ruling House, whose turn it was to produce a successor to the throne, nominated him (Akintola) and Magbagbeola for the kingmakers to perform the customary and traditional rites of determining who among the two nominees should succeed the deceased king.
Black smoke will be wafted if the kingmakers can't agree on a new Pope, and white smoke will signal that they've got their man - both signal that they haven't realised it's the 21st Century.
The chairman of the kingmakers confirmed to the Irish Sunday Mirror Sport that Steve Staunton's successor should be in place by Wednesday.
A palace source from Azare told Saturday Tribune that the new Emir, popularly called Baba Umar Faruk, got four out of the five votes cast by the kingmakers of Katagum Emirate to beat two of his contenders, thereby becoming the Deputy Chairman of Bauchi State Council of Traditional Rulers.