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Synonyms for kingly

Synonyms for kingly

having the rank of or resembling or befitting a king


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In 2017, the OFAC said, Tsang and one of his entities, Kingly Won, attempted to engage in an oil deal valued at more than US$1 million with the Russia-based Independent Petroleum Co.
The letters, addressed to Rizal's older and arguably most favorite sister Maria, highlight the The Kingly Treasures 2017 sale of Leon Gallery on December 2, 2 pm.
For one member of the team, British Army Seargent Kachoka Kingly, who grew up in the area, the deployment had a very special significance as he returns home to Malawi.
His kingly nature continues to burn within, but his unwillingness to submit comes at terrible cost.
Key to this achievement has been the effective use of strategies, advisory panel and an art consultant, all united with the aim of achieving a balance of interests, between prophetic, priestly and kingly art and the location, history and ethos of St Martin's.
Ever since the movement Jesus of Nazareth had started got converted into a hierarchically structured male dominated institution with imperial trappings, there remained within it a tension or conflict between the kingly cum priestly element and the prophetic element.
Crucially, Paine's emphasis on the idolatry of the kingly office, over the actual substance of royal powers, would later make it "possible for Americans to reconcile republicanism with prerogative" (144).
KINGLY GESTURE: The largest mural, prepared by disabled children, journalists and artists as a token of love for the king.
Forgive the restraining of the hands that hoisted us to kingly shoulders
underscores dimensions of ecclesial spirituality that are underdeveloped, such as the kingly, priestly, and prophetic roles of all Christians, not just the clergy.
A PAINP STA T KINGLY compiled history of Eston has gone on display in a historic Teesside building.
Oh, the glory of the watching," the words that set The Eagle's Way - a kingly book, which extols the golden and sea eagles that grace our hills and glens.
In an article he wrote for the London Business School, Kingly describes multicultural leaders as "cosmopolitan and worldly" who have "acquired the cultural sensitivity necessary to bridge cultures and are able to conduct business effectively across national borders".
This is not to say that the rabbis are all the same: Many of them are vivid and distinct personalities, from Hillel the poor, Torah-loving convert to the rich and kingly Yehuda HaNasi.