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a specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape

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Kinetochore analysis revealed no significant increase in the kinetochore-positive MN compared with unexposed control cells (data not shown).
Kinetochores are crucial for accurate chromosome segregation because they link chromosomes to spindle microtubules.
During the prophase of meiosis I, the synapsed chromosomes form a bivalent structure that also has one exposed minus-face kinetochore and one exposed plus-face kinetochore.
There are a number of mechanisms that can give rise to numerical CIN, including centrosome amplification, spindle assembly checkpoint bypass, malfunctions in sister chromatid cohesion and abnormalities in kinetochore structure or function (42).
Holocentric chromosomes of arachnids: presence of kinetochore plates during meiotic divisions.
The kinetochore is the part of the centromere to which spindle fibers attach during cell division.
Objective: Accurate chromosome segregation in eukaryotes requires the assembly of the macromolecular kinetochore complex at centromeres to attach chromosomes to the mitotic spindle.
The inner kinetochore directly binds to the centromeric chromatin during the whole cell cycle.
As kinetochore fibers form among interacting sets of microtubules of the QMS, astral microtubules radiating from the poles gradually disappear (Fig.
Kinetochore analysis of micronuclei allows insights into the actions of colcemid and mitomycin C.
Of interest, in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae the spores that are the meiotic products of the sporulation of diploid cells display a lineage-specific asymmetric division of kinetochore components.
gamma]-Tubulin is more concentrated in the poles where it forms a distinct cap and extends along the distal kinetochore fibers especially those at the perimeter of the spindle (Fig.
Micronuclei were scored as centromere negative (clastogenic) or centromere positive (aneugenic) based on the presence of CREST staining, which recognizes centromere proteins within the kinetochore of each chromosome, within each micro-nucleus.