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the branch of mechanics concerned with the forces that cause motions of bodies


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said Paul Kontur, President & CEO at Medcom Kinetics.
In tests conducted at Advanced Energy, an independent NIST-certified laboratory, against variable speed drives (VSDs) manufactured by Rockwell and WEG, AC Kinetics drives achieved significant energy savings on 5 hp and 50 hp motors.
This collaboration is another example of Kinetics working with leading organizations to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for the electric bus market.
The business provided services for Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) and was part of DC Group, a subsidiary of Surreybased Kinetics.
Kinetics CB 100 and CB 200 Medium and High Capacity Chemical Blend and Dispense Systems
The oxidation kinetics were studied using the ultra-sensitive oxygen consumption technique developed by K.
This monograph focuses on models of the kinetics of photoinitiated polymerization of mono- and bi-functional monomers up to the high conversion state, their derivation, and their comparison with experimental data.
These models of lactational transfer make it possible to account for time-dependent changes in maternal physiology and transfer kinetics, as well as chemical characteristics, in order to more accurately predict infant exposure.
Horizon Kinetics will maintain offices in New York City and Elmsford, New York and the principals and senior investment professionals of each company will continue to serve their respective clients.
Pittsburgh software innovation firm Truefit played a pivotal role in helping Diamond Kinetics to design and build this groundbreaking solution that helps baseball players and coaches collect and measure powerful motion analysis data.
This is a significant milestone in localizing Kinetics NexDrive solutions for the Chinese market.
Maris has been with Kinetics for more than 10 years, where he served as President of the International Operations division, and was instrumental in its turnaround and growth over the past five years.
Advanced Model Free Kinetics is a software option for the time and temperature dependent prediction of chemical reaction conversions.
Upon completion of administrative procedures, Cell Kinetics will distribute to Rights Offering subscribers an aggregate of 3,492,788 Cell Kinetics ordinary shares, at the subscription price of $0.
Hagen continued, "Our planned strategy of establishing and building Cannabis Kinetics, Monarch, and The Big Tomato into nationally recognized brands will continue to ride this wave of legalization.