kinetic theory of gases

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(physics) a theory that gases consist of small particles in random motion

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After reviewing basic thermodynamic functions, two University of Pittsburgh professors delve into quantum theory, the Schrodinger equation, the quantized behavior of electrons in molecules, statistical mechanics, and the kinetic theory of gases.
The available alternative for Thomson was the kinetic theory of gases, but this was anathema to him.
49ers at Broncos (-7): Terrell Owens' 20-reception, 283-yard performance brings to mind German physicist Rudolf Clausius formulating the second law of thermodynamics and the kinetic theory of gases.
But it is especially for his work on the kinetic theory of gases and on electromagnetism that he is famous.
But one of the most important aspects of the new kinetic theory of gases was the way it established statistical description as a valid and useful way of understanding complex physical systems and predicting their behavior.
This article examines the role of philosophy in the development of the kinetic theory of gases.
In 1865 the Austrian chemist Johann Joseph Loschmidt (1821-1895) used Maxwell's kinetic theory of gases (see 1859) to calculate what that number ought to be.
The kinetic theory of gases, for example, explains the behavior of gases by postulating that gases behave as if they were composed of small masses that behave according to the laws of mechanics.
The radiometer was only a toy, but it offered vivid support for the kinetic theory of gases.