kinetic energy

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the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its motion


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Major areas of interest include warhead technology, warhead/target interaction methodology, advanced projectiles, counters to active protection systems, modeling and simulation, testing innovations, chemical energy penetrator technologies, kinetic energy penetrator technologies, terminal ballistics, quantification of terminal effects benefits, and multipurpose warheads.
Water is approximately 1,000 times denser than air and therefore for the same speed of movement contains approximately 1,000 times more kinetic energy (try standing immersed in a 30mph wind and then standing immersed in a 30mph river).
Four years later, LeMieux is the CEO and founder of Tremont Electric in Cleveland, OH, a company built around nPower kinetic energy harvesting.
Ideal for situations requiring a round with no ricochet and reduced over-penetration, with all kinetic energy inside the target.
We only had kinetic energy two years ago and now we've got potential energy factored in too.
Several days into his three-month trip, he was inspired by the notion that the backpack he carried possessed a significant amount of kinetic energy through the up-and-down movement derived by walking.
We are transferring more of the available energy in the propellant to the projectile with these new propellants, and in doing so, the propellant is burning out quicker and reducing the pressure, velocity and therefore kinetic energy of the gases at the muzzle.
The hardness tester is meant to determine all types of static stress hardness tests as well as of impact ones wherein impact hardness IH is expressed by the ratio between recoil kinetic energy [E.
The United States and USSR began the development and testing of kinetic energy weapons; China, some 20 years behind, only followed their lead.
The inlet system accomplishes this by injecting particulate ions at atmospheric pressure into vacuum and trapping them to remove any expansion-induced kinetic energy.
Actually, the kinetic energy of an object equals one-half its mass times the square of its velocity.
Called Airwave, the battery-free controls use solar power and kinetic energy to wirelessly communicate with light fixtures.
Remaining kinetic energy in collision, expressed as a percentage of initial kinetic energy f is:
One of the most studied quantities to understand the fission process are the fragment mass and kinetic energy distributions, which are very closely related to the topological features in the multi-dimensional potential energy surface [1].
The car was using a Kinetic Energy Regeneration System which gathers up the kinetic energy from braking and uses the stored energy to produce more power for overtaking procedures and so on.
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