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Synonyms for kinetic

Synonyms for kinetic

characterized by motion

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supplying motive force

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The Kinetic Technologies and Akros Silicon logos are trademarks of Kinetic Technologies.
Kinetic HDD addresses these needs, revolutionising the data
Develop infrastructurerelated businesses, with the focus on Kinetic Hyundai.
As a result, Kinetic, which is based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, has appointed knowledge transfer partnership associate, Dr Yangang Xing, to develop a 'sustainability toolkit' for the practice.
A standard dictionary defines kinetic as "of, relating to, or produced by motion.
The thrusted blue coaster gains kinetic energy (KE).
Closed-chain kinetic exercises involve activities where the distal aspect of the extremity is fixed to a stationary or moving object.
The ergonomically designed Kinetic Super wire stripper from Ideal Industries features a patent-pending grip made from Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV).
The focus of warfare, with its past heavy reliance on kinetic weapons, such as bombs, missiles, and bullets, has widened to include the burgeoning requirement to fight the daily struggle of the non-kinetic world, the fight for information and the counter force of information assurance, the struggle for information superiority.
KINETIC AWARENESS[TM] enhances alignment, muscular release, articulation and dynamic power for dance.
Kinetic art suffered the unhappy fate of a flash in the pan.
Kinetic art is one of the most stimulating inventions of the twentieth century, yet it is rarely examined extensively.
The new buzzwords in rehabilitation and training are core strength or core competency and the functional kinetic chain.
Chicago, measures the loss of kinetic energy to determine the impact toughness of materials, including polymer films and packaging.
Some recent studies in this area have included quantitative investigations that make possible kinetic analysis of the data.