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Synonyms for sense

Synonyms for sense

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the condition of being aware

the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge

the ability to make sensible decisions

what is sound or reasonable

to be intuitively aware of

to view in a certain way

Synonyms for sense

the meaning of a word or expression

a natural appreciation or ability

perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles


detect some circumstance or entity automatically

become aware of not through the senses but instinctively

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Stephen Chun-Tao Cheng shows how to develop a kinesthetic sense of body awareness while singing by simultaneously working with the body, mind and spirit.
In The Dancer and the Dance (1985, 1991), Cunningham told his interviewer, "My work with John has convinced me that it was possible, even necessary, for the dance to stand on its own legs rather than on the music, and also that the two arts could exist together using the same amount of time, each in its own way, one for the eye and the kinesthetic sense, the other for the ear.
Introduction to rehabilitation services; Utilization management; Medical Necessity Criteria; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Medicare LMRP; Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy provided by physicians and physician employees Policy; Maintenance Therapy/ Medicare treatment parameters for medically necessary items/services; Therapeutic activities, direct (one on one) patient contact by the provider; Neuromuscular reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture, and proprioception, Therapeutic Procedure; Therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility; Physical Therapy - Defined; Automobile Driving Therapy; Level of care for therapy;
DeVan addresses the ability to listen intensely coupled with a keen kinesthetic sense that allows recall of many sensations.
Instead, Function First therapists evaluate the client's mechanical connections by assessing muscle balance, mechanical efficiency, kinesthetic sense, and neuromuscular coordination.
Yet the aural, tactile and kinesthetic senses in particular must be honed to very high levels if we wish to become fine performers.