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Kinescope quality is too poor for modern television.
The two CBC affiliates, however, were permitted only delayed broadcasts by means of Kinescope, with all the advertising deleted, except for a credit line at the end of the program to acknowledge DuMont and Admiral, which had been the second CBC and NRAC stipulation.
Now, the availability of the kinescopes of this series fills a gap in our knowledge of the interface of science fiction and the fledgling medium of television.
Now Nantz has rescued the 1960 kinescope -- the product of a film camera focused on a TV screen that day -- from an Augusta vault and paid for a company called Legend Films to put 10,000 man-hours into the first color restoration of a live sports broadcast.
Made "through 'the miracle of Electronovision'" (Playbill), the film was basically a kinescope, in which "a film camera [is] aimed at a monitor, re-recording the images fed from the TV camera.
While the kinescope footage of McCarthy adds to the film's recreation of the 1950s, the film's black and white photography aids in evoking the period in other ways.
We watch a kinescope, an always murky kind of early recording.
Shanghai -- Five Chinese and overseas banks have granted the Shanghai Asahi Electronic Glass Co a consortium loan of 300 million yuan (US$36 million) to support the development of its large colour kinescope glass screens and abrading production lines.
The kinescope records the process of Kerouac's commodification as it occurs live and as it overwrites his resistance to it.
In broadcast (both radio and TV) in the early kinescope days, it was sound-bite minutes, although they were not called that right away.
for it would undoubtedly ruin you:" - Auguste Lumiere, 1885 "It isn't worth it:" - Thomas Edison when asked if he wanted to extend the Kinescope copyright to England and France, 1891
An elderly patient of my father's had made his house into a shrine to his accordion-playing career; the walls were covered with kinescope photos of his one appearance on the old Jack Paar show, and he kept talking about his big comeback that would happen any day now.
While the quality of the game's kinescope was excellent, we knew that working with Technicolor to restore the audio and video was key in order to present the game to viewers in the best way possible," said Susan Stone, Senior Vice President of Operations for MLB Network.
According to the presenter of the 26th Awards, the show was also broadcast via kinescope in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, possibly on the station owned by Brazilian publisher and TV pioneer Assis Chateaubriand, who was a friend of David Sarnoff, president of RCA, parent company of NBC, from whom he purchased the transmitting equipment.
Apparently Crosby paid a company to film the game by kinescope, while he traveled to Paris (unable to bear the stress of watching the game via live broadcast) and listened to it on the radio.