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the branch of mechanics concerned with motion without reference to force or mass

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1997; Winter, 1982); then the kinematics is studied.
Chapter 4: Kinematics and Dynamics of Mobile Robotic Systems
From scrap yard to shipping, General Kinematics has a process solution to improve your foundry flow and productivity.
The kinematics of the Stewart's platform is very well studied and described in many references.
FEATURES: This textbook is divided into following sections from A to F: kinematics of motion, kinetics of linear motion, kinetics of angular motion, special topics, applications and measurement techniques, respectively.
Key words: kinematics, matrix, planar parallel robot, platform
2013) Effect of strength on plant foot kinetics and kinematics during a change of direction task.
Here, on the basis of recent findings from our team, we will test the hypothesis that, rather than selecting actions, neuronal activity in the BG plays a crucial role in controlling the kinematics of habitual actions.
If a unit is operating outside specification, the GK Stroke Monitor can keep a performance log for analysis by General Kinematics customer service.
The topics are an introduction to kinematics, the mobility of mechanisms, kinematics of planar mechanisms, kinematic synthesis and planar four-bar motion generation, planar four-bar and multiloop path and motion generation, planar four-bar function generation, spatial mechanism kinematics and synthesis, and adjustable planar and spherical four-bar mechanism synthesis.
The Attune knee is now available with rotating platform technology, which is designed to improve conformity and stability throughout the range of motion and optimize kinematics, as well as the anatomic patella, which is designed to improve patella kinematics.
Isometric strength of the hip abductor and external rotator muscles was measured using a handheld dynamometer, and hip and knee kinematics were obtained via a video-based motion capture system during a stair descent task.
It gives Barr & Paatz access to such cutting-edge technology as the very latest Delta 3 robot, which is ideal for high speed pick & place applications, and the groundbreaking PacDrive[TM] automation system, which offers scope for integrating robots into modular machines and the option of developing and building customised kinematics from scratch.
In addition, the absence of external cabling means the kinematics of the dummy in a crash are more like those of a human being, and easier to replicate.
It also provides computational software to generate robotics equations for kinematic analysis of robot arms and assist with solving the inverse kinematics of most robot arms.