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the branch of mechanics concerned with motion without reference to force or mass

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The PacDrive P4 Delta 3 robot is made almost completely of stainless steel, including parts that have been kinematically optimized to ensure maximum torque.
The hydraulic circuit includes unregulated hydraulic motor that is kinematically connected with one of the compensation gear links, and regulated hydraulic pump that is hydraulically connected with the first generator.
And economy is being combined with speed in the Pallas series, which Haitian introduced at Chinaplas and has "a kinematically revised" five-point toggle system from 60 to 450 tonnes and a new and space saving two-platen clamp from 530 to 1,000 tonnes.
Trends of Atlantic wave extremes as simulated in a 40-yr wave hindcast using kinematically reanalyzed wind fields.
James; and recognition of major dextral slip on the Tintina fault that could kinematically link it, like the San Andreas in Tanya Atwater's seminal 1970 model, to rapid northward motion of offshore oceanic plates.
By contrast, kinematically, conventional square inserts following a helical path cannot create a square corner at the bottom of a blind hole, and can't avoid leaving lap lines in the sidewalls.
4) Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was used to show that observation of another individual performing simple repetitive thumb movements gives rise to a kinematically specific memory trace of the observed motions in M land influences the direction of subsequent actions, supporting evidence of the role of mirror neurons in memory formation and also--possibly--human motor learning.
Flow is assumed to originate at the center of the source pixel and to travel kinematically from a point source without evaporation or ground absorption.
In NX CAM, all users get access to the NX Machine Tool Builder module that helps turn a basic 3-D assembly model into a full kinematically defined assembly ready for simulation.
Kinematically redundant manipulators have many advantages over the non-redundant robots.
However, when the infants were lying supine, they performed kicking movements that were kinematically similar to the earlier observed stepping movements.
Kinematically through a linkage, this displacement adjusts the gear ratio between the sensing element inside the meter (usually a piston) and the readout on the register.
These rays are kinematically equivalent and are called "kinematic analogs".