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the branch of mechanics concerned with motion without reference to force or mass

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Based on these assumptions, this work aims to verify if swimmers present better chest wall coordination during breathing than healthy non-athletes, through the analysis of the correlation between ribs motion and the variation of the thoracoabdominal volumes, obtained from kinematical analysis.
For the feet's vertical velocity, different kinematical behaviors were found for the lower limbs, at different swimming velocities.
In order to ensure short duration transition from transportation to the launching mode, the proper positioning and motion characteristics (to have the necessary launching conditions) of the rocket guides, kinematical and dynamical analysis of the rocket lifting mechanism was performed.
The kinematical scheme of an eight-linked planar load-lifting joint linkage, shown in Fig.
2010) Kinematical changes in swimming front crawl and breaststroke with the Aqua trainer snorkel.
The kinematical deviation due to part locating and relocating was modelled by homogeneous transformation.
Shakedown analysis of engineering structures with limited kinematical hardening, International Journal of Solids and Structures 49(15-16): 2177-2186.
analyzed kinematical alterations between level walking and slope ascent and descent [11].
The first volume can serve as a textbook for an introductory graduate course, and covers kinematical and dynamical aspects of classical relativistic field theory, operator methods and functional integral methods for relativistic quantum field theory, non-relativistic quantum mechanics, and quantum field theory at non-zero temperature.
If the lightspeed barrier is a limiting condition then this implies that the velocity of an object is a more important kinematical consideration than position or acceleration.
Natural limiting conditions (rigid) are used, that special limiting conditions are realised by imposing of rigid bracing on boundaries of discrete design model, and also special boundary conditions with introduction of the equations of geometrical kinematical conditions with realization of a variation problem solutions with a method of uncertain Lagrange's multipliers when the variation equation of discrete model (1) is supplemented with the equation of deformation conditions of this model through system of geometrical constraints.
Kinematical connections are used to describe the existing restrictions for the motion of a concept, for example, joints of a robot.