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Synonyms for kindly

Synonyms for kindly

characterized by kindness and concern for others

Synonyms for kindly

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

pleasant and agreeable

Related Words

in a kind manner or out of kindness


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Conditions at Pontefract look just about ideal, and though there are some interesting horses in the line-up, it is fair to say Queen Kindly has less on her plate than in most of her other races to date.
Before starting Kindly Care, Lebovic served as a founder and marketing officer of a number of other dot.
You've got to respect what they're saying but Queen Kindly is different to what i've seen before," said Fahey, leaving little doubt she is the best juvenile filly to have passed through his extensive Musley Bank operation.
People kindly say I do not look my age and I put that down to genes (my late father never looked his age) and the fact that I am still working flat out.
2nd Place--Ron Ansell (Team 'Dunnail)--600mm--Framed 'Blazing Glory' Tiger print by Craig Bertram Smith, Sand Forest Lodge 2 night stay, Safari cooler 451t--MJH, African Fisherman subscription and various fishing tackle items kindly sponsored by Rapala VMC and Let it Swim.
The photo was kindly provided by Josephine Hynes, of Westbeck Gardens, Linthorpe in 2002.
We kindly ask you to refrain from posting images or details on your social networking sites in order to respect and protect our privacy.
Kindly ask concerned authorities to make speedy efforts to rescue remaining survivors.
About OPENMIND Workshops: Kindly visit http://oppguru.
In such circumstances, I would request you to kindly adjourn the meeting.
This is a request to the so-called protesters to kindly abstain from killing these poor souls, who are struggling here to work and survive.
We were both lucky enough to have met Sir Norman several times over the years, the most recent occasion was when he kindly popped along to the Fireside Shelter for the homeless in Birmingham.
Thanks to the dozens of people who kindly (and not so kindly) pointed out this error, which was the editor's fault and not Mr.
Ejaz Yousuf Unconditional Apology, (6) Justice Zia Perwez, Unconditional Apology (7) Justice Mian Hamid Farooq, Unconditional Apology (8) Justice Syed Zawwar Hussain Jaffery Reply and Apology, (9) Justice Muzammal Khan Unconditional Apology with the request that he may kindly be excused/pardoned (10) Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam Unconditional Apology/profound regret for having taken oath after the proclamation of PCO, (11) Justice Sh.
As well as the Anglesey Walking Festival, my husband and I took part in the Rhuddlan and Prestatyn Walking Festivals, and people kindly made cash donations to our collection boxes.