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Synonyms for kindling

material for starting a fire

the act of setting something on fire

References in classic literature ?
The two were unwilling to make any further answer, as they saw that his anger was kindling.
Then I remembered that of my original character, one part remained to me: I could write my own hand; and once I had conceived that kindling spark, the way that I must follow became lighted up from end to end.
Party has its duties, sir,' added the scribe, kindling, as one who should propose a sentiment; 'and the attack was gross.
said the abbe, turning towards Dantes, and surveying him with the kindling gaze of a prophet, "you are young, you will see all this come to pass.
Their feeling of brotherhood, however, was strong enough to induce them to contribute a mutual aid in building a rude hut of branches, and kindling a great fire of shattered pines, that had drifted down the headlong current of the Amonoosuck, on the lower bank of which they were to pass the night.
So, beholding the dead stag, they felt of its ribs, in a knowing way, and lost no time in kindling a fire of driftwood, to cook it.
Reuter ceased to question me; but her eye--not large, not brilliant, not melting, or kindling, but astute, penetrating, practical, showed she was even with me; it let out a momentary gleam, which said plainly, "Be as close as you like, I am not dependent on your candour; what you would conceal I already know.
And in thine eye a kindling light(Whatever it might be) Was all on Earth my aching sight Of Loveliness could see.
She was at the stove, where an armful of kindling had been set off to take the chill out of the house.
Her mother, who had just come down stairs, turned to greet her from the fireplace, where she was kindling barked-oak twigs under the breakfast kettle.
It can't last for ever," returned Richard with a fierceness kindling in him which again presented to me that last sad reminder.
The Bishop discovered there was neither coal nor kindling, and went out to buy some.