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a child who attends a preschool or kindergarten

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If your kindergartner sees a picture of a family scrubbing their dog and thinks immediately about what the rooms "do in their bedrooms," you've got a serious parenting problem that has nothing to do with the public school system.
GLENDALE - As she teaches Edison Elementary School kindergartners about the five senses, Susana Arevalo speaks Spanish.
WORCESTER - The kindergartners from Belmont Street Community School call an eggplant a "purple squash" and confuse the words "potato" and "tomato.
Findings from this report indicate that kindergartners' preschool experiences and kindergarten program type vary by the regions in which their schools are located and by the regional characteristics of these kindergartners, their families, and their schools.
The idea of kindergartners sitting in lotus position has gotten several Catholic school parents all tied in knots.
Kindergartners, first, and second graders depicted parents as heroes and comforters.
Kindergartners continue to ask questions about physical differences, and they can begin to understand the explanations for these differences.
Shortly after viewing a video of a staged theft, 46 kindergartners, 60 second graders, and 64 adults described the incident for an interviewer.
According to Evans, the first question the kindergartners and first-graders ask is, "Do you live here?
Westfield compared Waterford kindergartners with a historical control group of kindergartners using a variety of assessments that included concepts of print, phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, high frequency word recognition, and reading level from miscue.
Territorial school registering preschoolers, kindergartners
More than 300 kindergartners will learn more than just how to color within the lines of that big orange pumpkin on a piece of paper this year - they'll learn where real pumpkins come from.
A total of 138 kindergartners, enrolled in one of the elementary school's kindergarten classrooms during the 2002/2003 or 2003/2004 school years, acted as the study's subjects.
Some Seattle kindergartners are boggled by the pre-dining task of punching a personal lunch code into a keypad.
Twenty-six of the 52 native Spanish-speaking kindergartners were randomly assigned to a treatment group that would be exposed to FRED (Families Read Every Day) books written in Spanish.