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a preschool for children age 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school

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For each province, we briefly summarize the historical contexts of kindergarten and identify rhetorics of play within current kindergarten curricula in our five provinces.
The kindergartens were warned for violating the licensing system, which includes violations that threaten the students safety, as well as educational and administrative violations," the ministry said in a statement.
In Springfield, the district built reserves over several years to cover the first-year cost of kindergarten and added classrooms with money from a bond issue, but needed controversial changes in school attendance boundaries to accommodate the increased enrollment.
There are 1,504 kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan now, 361 kindergartens are public, 859 kindergartens are municipal, 284 kindergartens are private.
The Public Prosecution, once received the notification, summoned the complainant, the the kindergarten principal, the nanny in charge and the security man for questioning.
Kindergarten is free to 5-year-olds in the public elementary schools under the K to 12 basic education reform program, which consists of kindergarten, six years of elementary, two years of junior high and two years of senior high school.
Massachusetts is one of the states, to be perfectly honest with you, that concerns me as far as access to full-day kindergarten with regard to the tuition.
My results indicate that state funding of universal kindergarten had no discernible impact on many of the long-term outcomes desired by policymakers, including grade retention, public assistance receipt, employment, and earnings.
Black (2004) reports that increased academic demands on kindergarten students have resulted in an increased number of students retained in kindergarten.
Now there's a lot of pressure in kindergarten,'' Richards said.
This paper discusses the integration of a geoscience presentation with the Alberta kindergarten curriculum (also applicable to the Alberta Grade 3/ 4 curriculum), outlines the audience and teaching assistance needed, and discusses some of the challenges of presenting to young children.
As the number of full-day kindergarten classrooms increases, so does the emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic.
is a 32-page, "dry erase", brightly colorful workbook founded on a core Kindergarten curriculum for children ages 2 to 6 and designed to assist children and their parents to take charge of the education process.
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