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to some (great or small) extent

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com/appealtoheaven/posts/10103367920696739) Facebook to reveal to his fans that he has resigned from Kinda Funny and his decision is effective immediately.
The mother-of-three was feeling proud and joyous when she shared a photo from the baptism on her social media accounts, but an unfortunate number of radical Muslims - who aren't representative of the real Islam - attacked Kinda for being Christian and barraged her with insults and hurtful comments.
Not That Kinda Girl is a cleverly imagined throwback to the pounding dance sizzlers of Janet Jackson and the fearless female-empowerment anthems of Vanity and Apollonia Kotero, from Prince's bevy of voluptuous singing vixens.
I'm kinda used to not showing mine to millions of giggling viewers.
But Nathan was like, "Hey, you know, if my grandpa waits too long to eat, he gets kinda impatient .
Kinda rootsy, kinda Cajun, kinda bluegrass, kinda country, kinda classic rock, kinda power acoustic, kinda folky--hard to pigeonhole but easy to listen to and easy to fall for if you give them half a chance.
Our exhaustive research and trial have delivered the perfect kinda sweet, kinda salty flavor profile people crave.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-25 June 2003-Song Networks sells metro network to Kinda municipality, Sweden(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
On the drive over I saw an aeroplane flyin' kinda low
Syrian actress Kinda Alloush doesn't mind being a lesbian.
The contract relates to operational leasing of commercial vehicles in Kinda Municipality.
Sounds like our kinda thing - small but massive and free.
KINDA SLEEPY, dam of Classic champions Kinda Ready and Kinda Easy, died on Sunday at the age of 12.
For me, I was raised by both my grandmother and my grandfather, and they kinda teach you to respect your elders, so I speak a certain way.
And second, the printer fucked up some of the pages so it kinda looks like shit, but I am doing a website www.