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to some (great or small) extent

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In an interview with the talk show "Women's Secrets," Kinda said when asked if she would play the role of a gay woman that she indeed would, as long as no sexual scenes are involved, reported Khaberni.
I'm kinda used to not showing mine to millions of giggling viewers.
To find out more about Kinda, visit http://kindamccullough.
Kinda rootsy, kinda Cajun, kinda bluegrass, kinda country, kinda classic rock, kinda power acoustic, kinda folky--hard to pigeonhole but easy to listen to and easy to fall for if you give them half a chance.
The hard disk is huge -- the product's full name kinda gives it away -- at 240 GB, which makes the 20-gig Sky boxes look very weeny indeed.
Members of the more conservative Muslim social media community attacked Syrian actress Kinda Hanna after she posted a short clip from her late father's funeral, in addition to several posts indicating that she's Christian.
The contract relates to operational leasing of commercial vehicles in Kinda Municipality.
Sounds like our kinda thing - small but massive and free.
KINDA SLEEPY, dam of Classic champions Kinda Ready and Kinda Easy, died on Sunday at the age of 12.
But Nathan was like, "Hey, you know, if my grandpa waits too long to eat, he gets kinda impatient .
19 with his latest single, Kinda Love, despite dropping out of the UK Top 20.
The contract relates to operational leasing of passenger cars to Kinda municipality.
That's why we weren't surprised when Syrian actress Kinda Alloush announced her soon-to-come departure from the acting world
Kinda Magic LINDAJONEStrainedmany top-class greyhoundsbeforehandingovertoson-in-law Mark Wallis.
HAVING pocketed most of the money wagered on the horses in the Champion Hurdle, Grand National, Irish National and 1,000 Guineas, the bookies had another dream result in the Greyhound Derby on Saturday night when 25-1 rag Kinda Ready shocked the Wimbledon faithful.