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Synonyms for kind-heartedness

sympathy arising from a kind heart

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It's only because of the kind-heartedness of some people that I have been able to continue with my dialysis.
Clondaw Warrior has worked his way into the hearts of racing fans, thanks in no small part to his wins at Royal Ascot and the Galway festival, and he has snuck into the race through the kind-heartedness of a man who put those very same fans at the forefront of his mind when making what in football would be described as 'a big call'.
It is an act of self-denial, a proof of goodness and a demonstration of kind-heartedness.
After all the saint "is the embodiment of piety, courage, gentleness, kind-heartedness and justice" to quote your school website.
But the kind-heartedness of Nepra may not go further than the notification.
A spokesman said: "The event is appreciation of his kind-heartedness and generosity that have touched millions.
By accusing that I have lost my grip, they are mistaking my kind-heartedness and keenness to deal with matters smoothly.
Shocked customers initially thought it was an in-store promotion, but many locals are now convinced the series of events was a genuine attempt at kind-heartedness.
Former Governor Sindh Mamnoon Hussain Siddiqui said on the occasion that the activists of PPP may not think the kind-heartedness of PML (N) as their weakness.
A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Crimes such as these are especially unpleasant because those responsible prey on the goodwill and kind-heartedness of local residents who want to support charitable causes.
Hoti paid rich tributes to the role of host districts for kind-heartedness and Pakhtunwali in IDPs' case.
And he showed the kind-heartedness that endeared him to so many of his pupils at All Saints' school in Mansfield, Notts - helping other inmates write letters and giving away his belongings to those who needed them.
AoDweis also noted that this occasion is a time to remember kids, their innocence and kind-heartedness, which would make us more involved in the true spirit of the merry occasion while not forgetting to teach them what this occasion is really about.
A FARMING couple have been rewarded for their kind-heartedness to their cows - by fast food giants McDonald's.
Melangell's kind-heartedness is rewarded when Prince Brochwel grants her permission to stay in his forest indefinitely, vowing never to hunt there again.