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to some (great or small) extent

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Soft-shelled animals', for example, would meet this condition just in so far as it contains intermediate kinds, including the kind of the crabs that contain multiple forms, i.
Which is exactly why they need some kind of booby trap at the end, where the winners aren't expecting anything and -- wham
Although I kind of wished I had brought another t-shirt with me other than the one with the huge kitty on the front with the American flag bandana around its neck.
Now in its 20th year, Magnusson Architecture concentrates on the kind of work many architects shy away from: affordable housing, hospitals and schools and community master planning.
Only in some kind of a bottom-up way are we going to address these issues.
Editorial miscalculation number one: Taking the conversation too seriously, we removed these telling passages, which would have offered a kind of absurd truth about the art world and, more generally, about fundamentally changed modes of "communication.
Mee (who also wrote Clarke's best-known work, Vienna: Lusthaus) and music-hall songs of the period, is a kind of Lautrec poster come to life--cabaret performances interspersed with episodes from the artist's absinthe-fueled debauches.
Embryonic stem cells are "incredibly more powerful" he claimed, in that they can give rise to every other kind of cell, and therefore are highly useful to fight cancer.
More than anything else, I made this movie to denounce the kind of education I--and generations of Spaniards--received.
Then I think the rest of us are kind of picking and choosing and stealing and borrowing and begging from each other.
And finally, the kind of economic pressure IT organizations face is changing.
Baraka: In some way yes, because of the formal kind of preparation and the fact that the people we were working with we had worked with organizationally, ideologically, and artistically, so there was a kind of ensemble strength.