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in a kinesthetic manner

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If an idea can be represented in a diagram, table or graph then it could be modelled kinaesthetically and then students make their own representation of where they were in the reality with symbols and language.
Now if we return to the theme of affection, we find that although the immediate experience of "sheer" sensuous affection apart from "something" of which it is a moment is relatively rare (24), an affective salience such as a sensuous gleam, rustle, or pang may indeed function at the very beginning of my engagement with the object it contributes to constituting, attracting me with an affective force that I am already kinaesthetically partnering "before I know it.
In this context, as Barker notes, the film's body "also adopts toward the world a tactile attitude of intimacy and reciprocity that is played out across its nonhuman body: haptically, at the screen's surface, with the caress of shimmering nitrate and the scratch of dust and fiber on celluloid; kinaesthetically, through the contours of on-and off-screen space and of the bodies, both human and mechanical, that inhabit or escape those spaces; and viscerally, with the film's rush through a projector's gate and the 'breathing' of lenses" (3).
Using music concepts as a basic framework, children can experience music vocally, instrumentally, visually and kinaesthetically.
Rather, Key-Huik has a strategy predicated upon change understood kinaesthetically and himself as an agent of change: such a strategy serves to reinforce his congruity as an activist every time it is employed.
Moreover, phonemes are the highest level at which speakers can kinaesthetically sense (in the absence of any audible production) the articulatory movements of an average category member, which seems to relate to Taylor's (2002) assertion that phonemes are the highest units for which speakers can conceptualise or ".
Here, I would challenge anyone to think of a song such as Imagine, without at the same time hearing John Lennon's voice singing it, experiencing the song kinaesthetically within our bodies, and situating the experience within the place and occasion associated with it, in our (social) minds.
258) seems based on the idea that human infants sense movement itself (not necessarily its form) as the same thing whether experienced kinaesthetically or visually, and respond to movement with movement.
Signing babies tend to get more exposure to each word being emphasised with a sign, moreover, each of those words is reinforced by the fact it is conveyed in t hree different ways; audibly via the spoken word, visually by their observation of the gesture,facialexpression and the context, and kinaesthetically, through the physicalgesture.
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It is designed kinaesthetically to create the shifts of emotion between excitement and fear, between delight and despair, that mark the imaginative rhythms of the most meaningful moments in our lives.
Some children learn best visually, some aurally, while others (especially boys) learn kinaesthetically (through touching and doing).
These activities are designed to allow young students to engage kinaesthetically and visually with patterns on diagonals, the zigzag construction of the number board, and the construction of bar graphs before formalising the board in a number context and a graphing context.
This self-recognition is co-extensive with the recognition of the abilities as mine, not because the abilities are mirrored in a psychological interiority or in a mirror, but because they are kinaesthetically reflexive and at the same time coextensive with and differentiated from those of others.