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of or relating to kinesthesis


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Mostly Cs: You may have a Kinaesthetic Learning Style Getting involved and investigating is how you prefer to learn.
If it's a Lurcher then it will have a well-developed visual sense, while spaniels can be olfactory (think of sniffer dogs) and gundogs are kinaesthetic.
One could argue that the kinaesthetic [sic] representation of the music and the presence or absence of kinaesthetic feedback affected the pianists' performance consistency.
Kinaesthetic learners like practical subjects and opportunities to learn by doing.
In terms of building vocabulary and spelling, as DG indicated that one of her strategies is playing Scrabble, (non-competitive) word games and matching exercises are designed to be kinaesthetic where possible, such as in the form of matching cut up pieces of paper and using letter tiles.
Firstborn keeps insisting that he is a kinaesthetic learner.
Children with learning difficulties need work addressed to their individual difficulties and which is broken down into small steps so they can see completion is possible and children with physical special needs usually have poor kinaesthetic learning styles (Dean, 1996).