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It all began, of course, with the income tax evasion trial which was more "Carry On" than John Grisham, more melodrama than reality and with each passing day the increasing and underlying kinaesthesia that the "odd couple" of the Spurs manager and Milan Mandarin, his former chairman at Portsmouth, would indeed be found not guilty.
Material Hauntings: The Kinaesthesia of Sound in Innocence.
Steinman (1986: 16) suggests that "There are three main sources of input that go into our proprioceptive system: Kinaesthesia, Visceral feedback and Vestibular feedback".
Gillis' dancing body is athletic, influenced by postmodern mores and technology, and responsive to a breadth of emotional response and kinaesthesia that makes her and her performances extremely potent and "of the moment" in spite of overt connections to early modern dancers such as Isadora Duncan.
temperature sensations, kinaesthesia and movement as non-painful phenomena.