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the basic unit of money in Papua New Guinea

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Syd Yates, CEO of Papua New Guinea's Kina Bank, has said that the bank is looking to grow its market share in the coming year.
You could be forgiven for missing the Kina Grannis musical boat.
KINA GRANNIS - ELEMENTS YOU could be forgiven for missing the Kina Grannis musical boat sailing around for the past few years.
Contributors: Jenny Dalzell, Suzannah Friscia, Kina Pooh, Wendy Perron
The twist on the traditional martini, left, is made with Gordon's gin, vodka and Kina Lillet - shaken not stirred.
He noted that the system used by Kina in the electoral registry is a modern system prepared for the purpose of the referendum and the , expressing Yemen's desire to take advantage of the Kenyan experience in this regard.
Government officials feared it could be as devastating as Cyclone Kina which killed 23 people and left thousands homeless in 1993.
Dr Paul Nachtigall from the University of Hawaii led the research, working with Kina, a trained false killer whale.
MONDAY Kina Grannis won the "Crash the Superbowl" contest and earned the chance to have her music video played before an audience of 97 million.
Enex Kina, part of Icelandic geothermal group Geysir Green Energy, and Chinese Sinopec Star Petroleum Company have inked a deal to form a joint venture, Sino-Icelandic Green Energy Geothermal Development Corporation.
At this point big-finishing Droopys Kina broke down and she trailed in a distance behind the remainder.
aeDestinations' is Papua New Guinea's first frequent flyer programme and offers Air Nuigini passengers the opportunity to earn a point for every kina spent on travel with the carrier.
Last year, it used the Super Bowl to launch the music career of Doritos fan and aspiring artist Kina Grannis.
The deputy speaker of the House of Representatives in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province of Bougainville says she's appalled that millions of kina earmarked for the relocation of Carteret Islanders to the main island has gone missing.
She is survived by her husband Michael; Loving son Sam; Mother Barbara Bogle; Brother Wayne Bogle; Sister Diane Bogle Gibson; two nieces Allegra and Leath, and her devoted caretaker Kina Vaka.