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Synonyms for kilovolt

a unit of potential equal to a thousand volts


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Cables will be established with capacities of 220 kilovolts, worth $22.
The fee for a temporary connection in an under-construction project is calculated at Dh100 per kilovolt and Dh15 will have to be paid for transportation of the transmitter cables.
Work is underway on building 27 more substations of 132 kilovolt at a total cost of Dh1.
Works Minister Fahmi Al Jowder in charge of the Electricity and Water Authority yesterday inspected the Boukowa 66/220 kilovolt power station and was briefed on progress of the project and difficulties.
installs 400 kilovolt transmission line in Gujarat(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
The project, which is cofinanced with a loan from the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund, will upgrade substations, increase transformer capacity, and expand 110 kilovolt and 220 kilovolt transmission lines.
8 kilovolt substations at Dammam and Al-Hassa in eastern Saudi Arabia plus two 110/13.
China commenced to construct globe's initial 1,100 kilovolt direct current (DC) electricity transmission line.
ABB India has released its first 800 kilovolt (kV) converter transformer made at its Vadodara plant in Gujarat for the ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission link.
Delmarva Power will hold community meetings to provide details on its plan to enhance electric service in Worcester and Accomack counties by building a new 138 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and rebuilding an old 69 kilovolt line between Salisbury, Md.
On the island of Newfoundland, Abengoa will develop approximately 160 km of 230 kilovolts alternating current transmission line from the Granite Canal Substation to the Bottom Brook Substation; 142 km of 200 kilovolt high-voltage direct current line from Bottom Brook to Cape Ray and 23 km of five kilovolt grounding line from Bottom Brook Converter Station to Indian Head.
The new line will be constructed to a 345-kilovolt capacity, but initially operated at 230 kilovolts.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of a system of sample preparation and electronic criomicroscopE[degrees]a criomicroscopio 200 kilovolt transmission equipped with field emission gun and direct electron detector.